freewrite: philosophy: What is truth?

How can we declare that our truth is the only truth when truth seems to be abstract in some areas of life?
What does truth mean? If you look it up in the dictionary you find what is true as the definition. If this is the definition of truth then another, deeper question, must be asked: what is true vs false? The sky is blue. That is a fact that is proven with a person’s eyes.
This is true, but an issue arises if we turn from the physical to the metaphysical. How can we say one creation story is true vs another. We were not there when creation was created. So, why not make this truth personal? If a turtle put earth on its back and you think that is true that is your personal truth. If an omnipotent being created the world in six days then that is your truth. Because neither of these truths can be proven I fear we will still live in a world where one person’s truth is going to go into conflict with another truth.
Doesn’t this mean that metaphysical truth is personal truth? It isn’t real truth eg. agreed upon fact by all but it is personal truth eg. it is agreed upon by your family or community.So, that makes it true because it is your personal truth.


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