5 tips to make sure you don’t lose your stuff

Their is nothing more annoying than losing your keys, wallet, phone, and anything else you need to start your day. So, The Daily Mail has some advice.
Explanation: if you put your stuff in the spot it should be your brain will form a map to it. Note: put it in that spot every time. 2. THE 18-INCH RULE.
Explanation: Apparently most of the time your stuff only travels 18 inches from where you last had it. Check the entire area. 3. RETRACE YOUR STEPS.
Explanation: Think of a smell, taste, or feeling you had when you lost your object. 4. KEEP COOL.
Explanation: you will find your stuff but it doesn’t help matters if you freak out. 5. HELPFUL GADGETS.
Explanation: if you cannot find your stuff ask tech.


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