describing the drs office with feeling

The disability resources for students (drs) office at the University of Washington is a very relaxing place. The walls are this white cream color and they may add something to the idea of relaxing your spirit , however, I cannot see it. I would say the clock over the doorway adds a quiet ticking while the AC unit has this hum that doesn’t drown out your ability to have conversations. When you stop and listen – truly listen – the hum is soothing.
The carpet a nondescript carpet gives the room a quiet tone. I am not sure how carpets quiet the tone of a room but hardwood cannot quiet a room. While the lack of outer light makes it seem more inclosed, the wide openness of the room itself makes it seem open. It is the perfect mixture of calming noises and yet not overpowering. You don’t feel suffocated in the room.
Much of that comes from the people who work in the office. Heather the head member of the drs office has a soft voice that is musical to listen to. She has a way about her which calms even the most stressed student. Sandy the first line you cross also has a soft voice and is calming. Her desk is high but it is comforting.
I really wish I knew what was so relaxing about a tall desk with a bell on it. No I am not high.


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