25 years after L.A. burned 23 cases are still unsolved

What a sad stat. 23 cases that took place during theL.A. uprising, after the Rodney King trial in which four white police officers were acquitted of beating mr. King. The numbers are shocking.
The six days of riots left between 53 and 62 people dead, 36 of those due to gunshots, and ten people were shot and killed by law enforcement.
While this is sad a bigger number stuns me. 23 of those cases are not solved yet.
The Daily Mail breaks down how many people were killed and how they were killed during those six days.
“Exact reports differ on the number of deaths attributed to the violence dubbed the ‘Days of Outrage’.

Captain Patricia Sandoval told the DailyMail.com that to her knowledge, nothing has ever officially been published by the LAPD documenting the number of people who died as a result of the riots.

Information obtained by the LA Times provided context for those lives lost, illustrated by a map pinpointing the names and causes of death in the six days of destruction across the city.

While the overall impression was initially that those who died were participating in the riots, it later became clear that many victims were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time – which changed the lives of their families forever.

35 people were fatally shot, ten of those at the hands of law enforcement. Two were beaten to death, six were killed in fires, another six in car crashes including two victims of hit and runs, one person was strangled to death and a total of 12,111 people were arrested.

Witnesses estimated hearing 500 gunshots, 7,000 fires were set and damage to the city was estimated at $1billion” (2017.) Of those 23 cases how many were gun shots? How many were of people of color? The Daily Mail breaks that down also by including them in the list shown below.
“1) UNSOLVED – Frederick Ward, 20, Black: Shot dead on Cometa Avenue on May 2, 1992.
2) Edward A Travens, 15, White: Shot five times on April 29, 1992 while driving to a video store with his brother Allen, who held him in his arms as he died.
3) Imad Sharaf, 31, Black: Police believe he may have been doused with a ‘flammable substance’ and set on fire on a Mission Hills on-ramp to the 405 Freeway. They suspect that his death may have been staged to look riot-related but that he was drugged before his death took place.
4) UNSOLVED – John H Willers, 27, White: Shot dead after going outside the motel he was staying in on North Sepulveda Boulevard to watch injured drivers be taken to the hospital after a car accident.
5) Elias G Rivera, 32, Latino: Died in December of 1992 after being in critical condition for eight months following an altercation with Traville J Craig, 19, who fractured his skull on April 29 at the height of the riots. Craig was given life in prison.
6) Juanita Pettaway, 37, Black: Died with two friends after their car crashed following a high-speed chase. Police signalled for them to pull over after noticing a tail-light out, prompting them to flee and crashed into a wall on Santa Monica Boulevard. It was later determined that they had stolen a wallet.
7) Wallace Tope, 54, White: Remained in a coma for a year and nearly seven months after preaching to a group of looters to find their faith. Two men who kicked him repeatedly in the head plead no contest and were sentenced to jail on May 9, 1994. Fidel Ortiz, 22, was given an 11-year prison term and Leonard Sosa, 24, was given six years in prison.
8) James L Taylor, 26, Black: Shot in the back at a video store which had been looted on April 30, 1992.
9) Jose Solorzano, 25, Latino: Shot dead by a security guard while looting on May 1, 1992.
10) Jerel L Channell, 18, Black: Killed in a car accident with Jaunita Pettaway and Darnell Mallory after a high-speed chase.
11) Juan A Pineda, 20, Latino: Killed after being caught in a firefight outside an auto supply shop on Santa Monica and Sunset boulevards on April 30, 1992.
12) Edward S Lee, 18, Asian: Shot and killed by fellow Korean Americans who accidentally thought he was a looter on April 30, 1992.
13) UNSOLVED – Hector Castro, 49, Latino: Shot and killed outside a retail store in Koreatown. Police said it was ‘impossible to solve’ due to the number of bullets being launched by up to 300 shopkeepers and looters at the location of his death at the time.
14) UNSOLVED – William Ross, 33, White: Determined to have died on May 1, 1992 and was discovered the next day inside a market that was firebombed.
15) Patrick Bettan, 30, White: The security guard was accidentally shot and killed by a co-worker while a mini-mall was being looted in Koreatown on April 30, 1992.
16) Victor R Rivas, 26, Latino: Shot by the National Guard, who claimed Rivas was trying to run them down and refused to stop his car at a barricade at Pico Boulevard and Vermont Ave on May 3, 1992.
17) UNSOLVED – Nissar Mustafa, 20, White: Originally characterized as John Doe #172 due to the decomposition it experienced after not being discovered nearly four months after the riots on August 12, 1992. He was found in the rubble of a burnt retail shop on South Western Avenue in Harvard Heights.
18) Andreas Garnica, 36, Latino: Stabbed to death during a drug deal turned robbery on April 30, 1992.
19) Cesar Aguilar, 18, Latino: Shot and killed by police after being arrested for rioting and pulling what officers thought was a gun, but turned out to be a plastic toy.
20) George Alvarez, 42, Latino: Beaten to death by homeless people after reportedly stealing recyclable cans and bottled worth less than five dollars on May 1, 1992.
21) Jose L Garcia, 15, Latino: Shot in the chest and died in what police suspect may have been a gang-related fight.
22) UNSOLVED – Frank D Lopez, 36, Latino: Struck and killed by a truck driver in a hit-and-run on April 30, 1992. 23) Paul D Horace, 38, Black: Shot dead while buying cocaine on May 1, 1992. 24) Juan V Salgado, 20, Latino: Discovered dead inside a burned retail store.
25) UNSOLVED – Gregory Davis Jr, 15, Black: Shot in the head while crossing the street at the intersection of Vermont Avenue and 43rd street on April 29. 1992.
26) UNSOLVED – Louis Watson, 18, Black: After giving up gang life to focus on playing the drums and football, Watson was fatally shot in the chest in Vermont Square on April 29, 1992.
27) UNSOLVED – Dwight Taylor, 42, Black: Nicknamed ‘Fishman’ and father of now-doctor Myiesha Taylor was shot dead while on his way to pick up milk from a nearby grocery store.
28) Franklin Benavidez, 27, Latino: Police say he was shot and killed while trying to escape a gas station he attempted to rob while armed with a shotgun on April 30, 1992.
29) Vivian Austin, 87, Black: Died of a heart attack caused by stress from the riot at her home on May 3, 1992.
30) Willie B Williams, 29, Black: Died after being ejected from a truck during a car accident due to failing traffic signals at Gage and Western Avenues on April 29, 1992.
31) UNSOLVED – John Doe #80: Suffered a head wound and died of smoke inhalation at a Pep Boys on South Vermont Avenue on May 2, 1992. Identified days before the 25th anniversary of the riots by Cold Case Detective Luis Rivera – who is still searching for the man’s family.
32) Carol Benson, 42, Black: Died in a hit-and-run accident after being dragged 180 feet on May 2, 1992. Her family never claimed her body and she was cremated at the County-USC Medical Center.
33) Betty Jackson, 56, Black: Struck and killed by a van at an intersection with failed traffic lights while delivering barbeque chicken to a friend before the citywide curfew took effect on the evening of May 1, 1992.
34) Jimmie Harris, 38, Black: Died in a car accident on Avalon Boulevard and Slauson Avenue on May 4, 1992.
35) UNSOLVED – Anthony Netherly, 21, Black: Struck by a stray bullet while riding in a car on April 30, 1992.
36) Charles Orebo, 21, Black: Nicknamed ‘Sticks1′ he was killed by an off-duty police officer who his friend threatened with a gun while the two drove near Florence Avenue. His mother said he planned to get married the next month and had a four-year-old son.
37) Alfred V Miller, 32, Black: Shot dead on May 1, 1992 in a drive-by on Florence Avenue. Akim Dashawn Gilmore, 18, later surrendered and was arrested for his murder.
38) UNSOLVED – Howard Epstein, 45, White: Shot while driving to check on a business he owned in the riot area on April 30, 1992. A crowd gathered after his car then crashed into the parking lot of a liquor store, and applause broke out when it was announced that the victim was white.
39) UNSOLVED – Eduardo C Vela, 33, Latino: Shot and killed while hiding with his co-worker at a Japanese restaurant he ran in Bakersfield.
40) UNSOLVED – Kevin A Evanahen, 24, White: Fell through the roof of a store while trying to put out a fire on Braddock Drive and Inglewood Avenue on May 1, 1992.
41) Aaron Ratinoff, 68, White: Strangled by the manager at a supermarket following an argument about corn husks, which Ratinoff dropped on the ground, angering the manager on May 1, 1992
42) Mark Garcia, 15, Latino: Shot and killed while watching the lootings at a mall on Hawthorne Boulevard and 101st street on April 30, 1992. He was unarmed and was not participating.
43) UNSOLVED – Elbert O Wilkins, 33, Black: Shot dead alongside Ernest Neal Jr outside a liquor store.
44) UNSOLVED – Ernest Neal Jr, 27, Black: Shot dead with Elbert O Wilkins on April 30, 1992.
45) UNSOLVED – Ira M McCurry, 45, White: The army veteran was shot while trying to stop looters from setting fire to a liquor store that was next door to his home on April 30, 1992.
46) Dennis R Jackson, 38, Black: Shot and killed alongside Anthony Taylor in the crossfire between police and protestors.
47) Anthony J Taylor, 31, Black: Shot in the crossfire between police and protestors on April 30, 1992
48) DeAndre Harrison, 17, Black: Killed by a 9-millimeter bullet from an LAPAID officer after allegedly looting clothing stories on the night of April 30, 1992.
49) Juana Espinosa, 65, Latina: Shot and killed by a 15-year-old boy who was aiming at two other teens on May 2, 1992.
50) Suzanne R Morgan, 24, Black: Reportedly shot dead in her apartment on May 1, 1992 by her boyfriend who had obtained the gun during the riots.
51) UNSOLVED – Wilson Alvarez, 40, Latino: Died of a head injury after police said he was assaulted as he threw rocks at looters on May 1, 1992.
52) Brian E Andrew, 30, Black: Shot and killed by a Compton police officer when he was confronted after being seen running from a shoe store with looters.
53) UNSOLVED – Tranh Lam, 25, Asian: Shot by two gunmen while driving on April 30, 1992. His family owned a market in Compton which had reportedly been torched and looted by rioters the previous night.
54) Kevin J Edwards, 35, Black: Shot and killed in what detectives said could possibly have been a domestic dispute in Compton.
55) Matthew D Haines, 32, White: Beaten and shot in the head after being pulled off of his motorcycle in Long Beach with his nephew. Three men, two of whom were teenagers, were acquitted for his murder and found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to assault, loot and rob.
56) UNSOLVED – Meeker Gibson, 35, Black: Shot in a drive-by while at a telephone stand on May 1, 1992.
57) Hugo G Ramirez, 23, Latino: Found face-down on Bess Street after being shot in the head on May 3, 1992.
58) Howard E Martin, 22, Black: Killed by a stray bullet after police launched 70 rounds at a nearby apartment structure in Pasadena on May 3, 1992.
59) Lucie R Maronian, 51, White: Stabbed in her home after confronting a group of teens who were chasing her 14-year-old son. Two Altadena teenagers who were accused of her murder were given five years’ probation but charges related to her killing were dismissed after a mistrial.
60) Darnell R Mallory, 18, Black: Killed in a car accident alongside Juanita Pettaway and Jerel Channell after a high-speed chase.
61) UNSOLVED – Arturo C Miranda, 23, Latino: The recent Mexican immigrant was struck by a stray bullet while riding home from a soccer game with friends on April 29, 1992. His coworkers at a textile company reportedly raised the money for his body to be sent home to Mexico to be buried.
62) UNSOLVED – George A Sosa, 20, Latino: An allegedly intoxicated gang member who was never found shot him dead while he visited his girlfriend on Florence Avenue on April 30, 1992.”


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