writing prompt – one page when a character broke off

Dear anti:
I am doing well in California. I do miss the rez and our wide open planes, the rain dances, the corn growing from hardy stocks, the snow, oh man the snow. I cannot stand so much sunshine. I hope all my family are doing well: the sisters, brothers, the oxen, the muskrats, the birds, the corn, and you anti.
I must vent about these west coast nuts. They drink coffee like it is water. If only they knew about the real coffee we had on the rez. The worst attacker of my brother the coffee bean is my fellow officer, officer Miller.
Officer Miller has no respect for the idea of taking what she needs and no more no less. I see her taking 5 cups a day.
I feel that I must stop drinking Coffee because we are taking more than we need.
I am aware that it is sacred in our culture, however, you have never tasted this Starbucks thing. This corporate empire has taken our brother and has devalued his importance. He is glob with sugar, carmal, whipped cream, and other unholy creatations of modern american life.
So, with a heavy hart I must stop consuming this starbucks stuff and since this is the only coffee around it seems I must stop drinking coffee until this blite is removed from our land. This western thought of consuming coffee like it is water is alien to me. I have told officer Miller my thoughts but she brushed them off. Hope you are all well,
Officer Stone.


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