rewriting my story: third person

He tried drinking the sugary sickly sweet shit what they pass off for coffee in this state. He hated it!
He was thinking about the bitter coffee he had growing up on the rez. This stuff was horid. He looked over and saw his partner officer Miller with five large cups side-by-side on her desk. Are those all for her? Good lord! “Miller! how much did that cost you per cup?, he asked.
He was amazed by the answer!
$6.50 per cup!
That is a total of $32.50 per day.
From that mental math he evaluated that she spent a total of $162.50 per week which gives her a grand total of $8450 per year.
From that day on he resolved to never drink at that insane spot called Starbucks ever again.
All they do is take and take and take and never give back. You become an attic to the corporation and they give no help. He voud to never become a sheep of the empire of starbucks.


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