writing prompt: What If Something vanished

I fear that the school could be gone tomorrow. What if it is to be so? I had so many wonderful memories there. I recall the cottages with their full kitchens, bright lights, and more than 20 rooms all incased in a brick cocoon with hard white inner walls. I recall the gazebo with it’s Panoramic views of the campus I had my first kiss there.
The old 101 year old building which hosted our lunchroom and our history center. I can still feel the full grown poler bare fir painting the table with texture.
Besides the loss of all of this I would most hate to see the school building, Erwin, go. We would lose a link to our identity. Gone would be the science lab with the bunsen burners, the scowpal, and the science textbooks all in braille along the east wall. Gone would be the embossers which would bring us all kinds of braille to read. From books, to papers, to math graphs the states main resource for braille would be lost.
Where would we go? Oregon? They have no blind school. Perdy? Perhaps, but they couldn’t handle the volume. Our neighbor for braille would be either Alaska or California. I have no dislike of these states but they aren’t mine!
Thank you Washington State School for the Blind for the memories.


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