where do I write – a review of how I write these blogs and papers.

Where do I write most of the time? A wonderful question to be sure. As of now I am composing this post at a desk in school. But this isn’t how I write.
When I write my posts and papers I write on top of a handcrafted dresser that my mom built with a radio on in the background. I have my braillenote plugged into the radio; the charger trails along like a tail leading to the outlet. I have no chair, I sit on the floor with the braillenote kind of above me with my back against the wall. On my dresser I have chip bags and other shit on the floor. The window must be open staring south toward 6th ave in Tacoma Washington. I must have some kind of music on. I enjoy Nirvana Radio music for the zen writer. This is the same music I have on when I am reading things too.
Once I am done writing the first draft I must spell check it. I do this more for papers and less with blog posts. Honestly, I should care more about my blog posts.


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