United failed to let dr. Dao take his stuff – sent it to the wrong address

My mother put it aptly when I told her this story: “just dig the knife a bit deeper united.” She’s right like she always is. Dr. Dao was removed from the flight so that others could take his place. Now it is declared that he couldn’t take his stuff.
‘The airline didn’t even have the courtesy to give the Daos their luggage after Dr Dao was dragged off their flight and transported to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital,’ attorney Thomas Demetrio told the Chicago Sun Times .

‘Instead, the airline flew their luggage to Louisville, Kentucky. And instead of delivering it to their home, they sent it to their medical practice office,’ he noted.
Let us recap shal we: The couple’s luggage went from Chicago, to Louisville, to their medical practice in Elizabethtown, before finally landing at their home.
Apparently he is missing his two frunt teeth and cannot recall getting back on the flight.
Thomas Demetrio, is a partner at Corby & Demetrio, which tells potential clients that it has achieved total compensation payments of more than $1 billion for those it represents.

His specialist area is the aviation industry reports the daily mail. Lawsuit!


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