This guy chugged a beer every mile of a half marathon – still came under 2 hours

This guy is awesome!
The Daily Mail describes him as a runner with an iron stummic. I cannot name many people who can run 3.1 miles while shotgunning beers.
Notre Dame senior Emmet Farnan ran the April 1 Holy Half Marathon in South Bend, Indiana in an hour and 43 minutes after chugging a Coors Light every mile. He insists it’s no April Fools joke and has the video to prove it reports the paper.
‘I wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m going to run the Holy Half right now and I’m going to do it a little special,’ he said at the beginning of the video. ‘Every mile I’m going to shotgun a beer at the beginning of it. ‘I don’t know how it’s going to go, probably I’m going to want to die at seven or eight,’ Farnan said before starting the 13.1-mile race Apparently this is a thing.
You can follow the records of the subculture documented on the website .
According to the site, a man in a Belgian half-marathon posted a beer-mile time of an hour and 34 minutes in December, even faster than Farhan’s hour and 43-minute time, reports the daily mail.
Farnan would likely be disqualified for a record under the site’s ‘official’ rules though, which require beers that are at least five per cent alcohol by volume. Farnan’s beer of choice, Coors Light, is 4.2 percent ABV.
Still love this guy.


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