science | rip. Hans Dehmelt, Nobel Laureate for Isolating Electrons

Some sad news out of the science community. Hans Dehmelt, has died. He became the Nobel Laureate for Isolating Electrons in 1973.
“Dr. Dehmelt devised a configuration of magnetic and electric fields known as an ion trap that serves as a cage for charged particles like ions and electrons. Once the particle was trapped, scientists could study it.

In 1973, Dr. Dehmelt used the technique to observe a single isolated electron. He was later able to observe single ions in the trap.” | New York Times. Dr. Dehmelt worked at my university – The University of Washington. The question remains, what did Dr. Dehmelt’s cage do for the science community?
“Dr. Dehmelt’s work “allowed us to measure the electron’s magnetism” and that of its antiparticle, the positron and to make “ultraprecise spectroscopic measurements of a single trapped ion,” Robert Van Dyck Jr., a physics professor emeritus at the University of Washington , where he worked with Dr. Dehmelt, wrote in an email.

Dr. Van Dyck added that trapping a single charged particle “isolates the specimen from outside interactions” like pressure and temperature “that would affect the basic accuracy of the measurements”. | New York Times. Hans Dehmelt, was 94.


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