Trevor Noah isn’t happy about the change to Twitter

The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah was not happy with the idea that Twitter changed it’s you-have-no-picture-so-we-have-this thingggy. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell to call it. So, we’re sticking with you-have-no-picture-so-we-have-this thingggy. It fits all the necessary wordage. Everyone cool? Good. So, Trevor isn’t happy with you-have-no-picture-so-we-have-this thingggy. This is what he said on Monday per the New York Times:
“If they want to discourage anonymity, that’s cool. But then what they need to do is make the default avatar somebody nobody wants like a picture of Ted Cruz. If that was everyone’s picture, you’d be like, ‘No, no, no! I’ll upload a picture! Even Ted Cruz doesn’t want to be Ted Cruz. He probably would see that and be like, ‘I want to change back to the egg, back when I was beautiful6’ TREVOR NOAH Besides, he said, it’s nicer to be harassed by an egg than a shadow.
“As someone who gets a lot of Twitter hate, I’d prefer it to come from a cute little egg. Because I mean the words are going to be the same but when an egg tweets me it’s like [cute, high voice], ‘Go back to Africa, Trevor! But a silhouette is like [deep, haunting voice], ‘Go back to Africa, Trevor! Like, an egg follows you. A silhouette follows you, and then stabs you in the shower. TREVOR NOAH. What do you think?


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