Mick Foley fired by stephanie mcman

After what Mick Foley did last week on Raw to Triple H, it was not a shock to see Mick get fired.
Per The UPI: “McMahon confronted Foley in the ring after the Hardcore Legend went off the script from a set of index cards he was given to announce that he was taking a leave of absence. As Foley began to rant about the established authority, his microphone was cut off and he was then subsequently fired on air by McMahon. You don’t care about what’s best for business, you can’t even make the tough decisions Mick, McMahon yelled. So therefore I’m going to have to do it for you. And there’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a very long time. Mick Foley, I’ve got two words for ya, YOU’RE FIRED! Following the verbal confrontation, Sami Zayn protested McMahon’s decision but was then thrown into a match against Samoa Joe in which he lost. Other superstars, including Cesaro and Sheamus, said their farewells to Foley backstage” (2017.)


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