What an explosive find

WWII bomb goes off after people dig it out of the river.

Ahh the art of metal detecting. Most of the time you find some cool gold bar or perhaps a nickel. Not many people find a bomb from WWII.
Martyn Jones, 24, Karl McDonald, 30, were blown away when they pulled a 36 Mills grenade from the Mersey river in Warrington, while searching for coins and artefacts, reports the daily mail. Apparently it got cought in their magnet.
Karl, said: ‘We must have been there for thirty or forty minutes, we’d already pulled out a knife and then I pulled it up.

‘The bottom of it was stuck to the magnet. A couple were there watching us and asked us what we’d got, and, joking, I said it was a grenade.

‘It was the shape of it, and it was around the size of a baseball. Straight away it rang alarm bells. I showed it to Martyn and asked him what he thought it was, and he said a grenade.

‘At that point I was about seventy per cent sure it was a grenade.

‘It was a good walk back to the car but I didn’t want to leave it, and we didn’t have our phones with us because the magnets can damage electrical appliances.

‘So I just carried it with my hand and in the bucket. I phoned the police and said ‘we’ve found what looks like a grenade’.

‘The car park was a very public area. We took it to the far corner of the car park and I backed the car up so if it had gone off it would have just hit the car.

‘When the officer arrived there was no hesitation, he called up for the bomb disposal squad. The bomb was then taken to a field and exploded in a safe area.
Experts said it either came from WWII or from IRA militants, who carried out two bomb attacks in Warrington in 1993.
Karl added: ‘We just felt excitement really. It’s not your average day out. I was a little bit shocked that I had carried it so far.
‘Before they detonated they told us it would be a little puff but it was actually quite a big explosion. It was buried in the ground, but it was the actual grenade going off because it was live.
‘They told us then that it could either be an IRA grenade from when they were in Warrington or from around World War II.
The pair have been magnet fishing for a couple of months, and had only tried their hand at the hobby a couple of times before making the explosive discovery.
And Martyn and Karl say they were allowed to keep the grenade shrapnel as a souvenir of their banging day out.


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