Translating the words of Mick Mulvaney threw the Tyler Shepard translator

President Donald Trump released his little budget today. The budget was filled with many necessary cuts – if you ask White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney – such as feeding old people. Now let me translate the words of Mick.
1. Antipoverty programs are “not showing any results. translation: we don’t care about the poor.
2. “We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good,” Mulvaney told reporters. Translation: These programs are only in the budget because it gives people something to feel good about and I don’t want that anymore.
3. “We’re not going to spend money on programs that cannot show that they actually deliver the promises that we’ve made to people. Translation: We find spending money to feed poor people to be beneath us. After all, we are rich why should we give a care about the poor.
4. reducing government spending on ineffective programs is “probably one of the most compassionate things we can do.
“You’re only focusing on half of the equation, right? You’re only focusing on recipients of the money,” Mulvaney said. “We’re trying to focus on both the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place. I think it’s fairly compassionate to go to them and say, ‘Look, we’re not going to ask you for your hard-earned money anymore.’ Translation: why should you pay for someone elses meal or public broadcasting they are not your family member and therefore not your concern. We care about you and don’t want you to be concerned about those who are poor. Perhaps some numbers are in order.
Per Business Insider: Trump’s budget would strip $3 billion from the Community Development Block Grant program, which supports a variety of community-development and anti-poverty programs. Those include Meals on Wheels, which provided 219 million meals to 2.4 million seniors in 2016. … Meals on Wheels also receives state and local funding as well as private donations. It relies on volunteers to provide many of its services.
A recent study showed that the organization helps keep seniors in their homes – and out of costly nursing homes – longer. The national Meals on Wheels organization says that it saves the country $34 billion per year by preventing seniors from falling and injuring themselves in their homes.
Perhaps my translations are from a liberal perspective, but I feel they should be stated. You can hate them but I ask you if you needed meals on wheels would you love the budget or hate it?
If you feel that PBS and NPR are filled with good quality programs and should be saved for the betterment of the community then what would you say about this budget then?


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