plans for today

A look at my plans for today.
Today – March 15, 2017 – I have one thing to do.
Write a 1000 word essay. This is the prompt
Final Reflection Essay:

At the end of the quarter, you will submit a1000 words or morereflection on all the seminars and events you attended this quarter.You need to address three things specifically to receive credit:

Using one PEER-REVIEWED SCHOLARLY source found using a library database that addresses what interdisciplinarity is and does, describe how an interdisciplinary perspective can be useful (or not) for addressing the theme of the course. Cite the source using APA, MLA, or CSE in-text and with a reference/works cited entry.

From a personal perspective,describe what you gained from the experience of attending the events overall. Reference specific events. HOWEVER Do not copy and paste from prior responses.

Due Dates:

All outside events: March 15th at midnight

Reflective letter: March 17th at midnight


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