(fox) – 11-year-old traumatized after shampoo leaves her hair ‘fused’. – March 15, 2017

[title 11-year-old girl has her hair fused together – thanks to shampoo

An Eleven-year-old girl from the United Kingdum is not having a good day.
Elisha Dixon, 11, was prescribed Dermal’s Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo by doctors at Low Moor Medical Practice in Bradford, West Yorks, in England, last month, Fox reports. As soon as she put it on her hair, the shampoo caused her scalp to burn and her hair to get fused. The parents could not do anything for her. So, they asked the doctor who said Google it.
After being rushed to the doctor she was told that nothing could be done until the matted hair was gone.
“The youngster was then forced to find a hairdresser who could help rectify the masses of matted hair.

After several refused to help, an experienced hairdresser came to her aid – saying it was in the worst condition she had seen throughout her career.

The hairdresser spent seven hours trying to salvage the do – but was eventually forced to chop off Elisha’s 21-inch locks to just three inches” Fox reports.


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