engagement is good luck for Cal womens coach Gottlieb

Cal womens coach Lindsay Gottlieb had a wonderful 24 hours. First, her longtime boyfriend Patrick Martin proposed on Sunday. Then, she got a slot in the tournament.
“It definitely was a great stretch,” Gottlieb said in a phone interview late Monday night to the ap. Her new future husband is a math nerd. “He’s a big math and analytics nerd, gotten way into the basketball stuff,” she said. “He built his own analytical model to crunch the numbers of the bubble teams, and he had us in.
After spending hours discussing the possibilities, Gottlieb said she was on the couch when Martin came over and proposed.
“How bout we do stuff this for the rest of our life,” Gottlieb recalled of the proposal . Her response: “Sounds like a plan.
Gottlieb said Martin actually texted Bears star player Kristine Anigwe to see if it was OK to propose.
“Kristine and Patrick have a really special relationship, and it was sweet that he asked her,” Gottlieb said. Congrats!


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