Court finds that Texas lawmakers drew up u.s. district lines to undermine the hispanic vote

A court found that Texas lawmakers redrew u.s. congressional districts according to a federal panel.
“In the decision announced late on Friday, U.S. District Judges Xavier Rodriguez and Orlando Garcia in San Antonio found that the districts’ shapes diluted minority voters’ power, either by splitting communities into different districts or concentrating minorities in a single area to limit their sway, reports Reuters.

“When done to minimize Hispanic electoral opportunity, it bears the mark of intentional discrimination,” wrote Rodriguez and Garcia, who were appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush and former Democratic President Bill Clinton, respectively.

The third judge on the panel, 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jerry Smith, dissented. We do not know if Texas will appeal.
This brings up a question: are you really that desprit to hold on to power that you’ll silence minority votes? If so, it will come back and bite you.


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