This weekend will be huge!

This weekend will be huge in terms of pop culture and a personal weekend for me. Let us look at what makes this weekend so freakishly huge!! ___ Friday:
On Friday March 10, 2017 my last major essay will be done. I have until 5:00 pm to complete it. Once this essay is done, then my well deserved break can officially start.
I am thankful that the deadline is 5:00 pm and that I do not need to study for any finals. Otherwise I would miss this major event on Disney.
at 8:00 pm is Tangled Before Ever After, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her long golden hair after mystical rocks cause her locks to magically grow back. Animated. duration One hour 5 minutes. All the stars return.
___ Saturday:
The highlight for Saturday starts at 7:30 pm is Henry Danger, Captain Man and Kid Danger learn that an astronaut has been taken hostage aboard the Space Station, and set off on a space rescue. duration 30 minutes. Part 1 of 2. Then at 8:00 pm is Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, Children choose favorites from across the worlds of film, television, music, pop culture, animation and more. duration One hour 30 minutes. ___ Sunday:
Sunday is a big day if you like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament for Basketball.
At 6:00 pm et on ESPN is Bracketology, where the 64 teams find out where they stand in the brackets for the upcoming tournament duration 2 hours.


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