wisconsin man arrested after cutting off woman’s finger – media reports

A man in Wisconsin is in jail for a long time after cutting off a woman’s finger with a machete then trying to close the woond with a blow torch. Yes you read that right.
Per Reuters: “In August, Jonathan Schrap, 25, and three other people held a “ritualistic memorial” at his home for a fellow fan of hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse who died in 2015, a local ABC affiliate reported, citing a criminal compliant filed by the state” (2017.) my god! he’s my age!
He pleaded no contest earlier this week to a felony charge of second degree reckless injury charge, according to online court records. It is a shame you cannot be charged with being stupid.
Apparently he wanted to honor the deceased fan, Schrap made a deep cut into an unidentified woman’s arm and drank her blood from a shot glass. He then amputated her right pinky finger up to the palm of her hand, ABC affiliate WBAY reported.

“Jon then placed the finger in his freezer where he said he would cook it and eat it later,” the complaint filed by the state said, according to the news station.The scary part is the woman agreed to have this happen to her.
No She was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the incident occurred, the station reported.
The group attempted to close the wound, which was bleeding profusely, with a car cigarette lighter and then a blow torch.
But, they took her to the hospital where the police were called and these morons were arrested. ___
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