quiz for Tuesday February 21, 2017- can you answer this 3-questioned quiz about fruit?

1. bananas come from what area of the world?
the north eastern united states
the tropics
Those include hawaii
2. Tomatoes come from what family?
Musa is the banana family which makes it a berry
that has the blueberry in it.
3. Why are blueberries blue?
Light bounses off the particals in the berry making it look blue.
Blueberries aren’t actually blue, but deep purple, which is the colour of anthocyanin, a pigment that is especially rich in blueberries.
“Humans have evolved to be attracted to, and to want to eat, coloured foods. For example, our ancestors wouldhave known to eat berries that had a rich colour, because that meantthey were sweetand ripe. Animals would alsohave been attracted to the vividcolour of ripe berries, and would have eaten the berries, resulting in the seeds being spreadaround afterwards when they went to the toilet. Thiseffectively ensures that thereare more berries available the following year, so it’s a clever way for a plant species to survive. ht https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/jul/12/ask-a-grown- up-why-are-blueberries-blue

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