When you drive a car can you not put a manikin in the passenger seat? – it will not work

A man from my home state of Washington tried to trick a state trooper by using a manikin in the high oc’cup’ancy vehicle (HOV) lane. As you perhaps know: HOV lanes are reserved for carpools, vanpools, buses, motorcycles or any vehicle carrying two or more people.
“Early this morning, a Tacoma trooper caught an HOV violator driving 81 mph with this young lady in the passenger seat,” read a post on the Washington State Patrol’s Facebook page, along with a photo of the lifelike violation. “In case you didn’t know…this doesn’t qualify for HOV lanes!
Trooper Todd Bartolac, a public information officer with Washington State Patrol, tweeted, “Violator was ticketed for speed and the HOV violation. On the positive side they were both wearing their seat belts! #buckelup
The state’s current fine for illegally driving in an HOV lane is $136. We don’t know how much it costs for speeding.


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