How to handle back pain from experts

Back pain is nothing to write home about. But, how do you handle it? I do not have the answer but others do.
Per CBS: “The American College of Physicians say the first line of therapy should be non-drug treatments. For pain lasting less than three months, those include heat wraps, massage, a’cup’uncture and spinal manipulation. The authors stress that clinicians should avoid costly and potentially harmful treatments like narcotics. For pain lasting more than three months, treatments include stretching and strengthening exercises, tai chi, yoga, a’cup’uncture, and mindfulness techniques like meditation to relieve stress. If those fail, anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen should be considered first, then medications that can dull nerve pain, like tramadol or duloxetine. “Some of these treatments such as yoga or massage are often offered outside the traditional healthcare system,” said Dr. Steven Atlas of Massachusetts General Hospital, who wrote an editorial about the guidelines. “Some of these guidelines may be a shot across the bow to insurers to say that maybe we should be covering them better,” Atlas said,” (2017.) What do you think?


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