a year after his death, Prince has 2 new albums coming

Warner Bros. has dug into the valt of Prince looking for more music. They apparently found some because they set a date.Per Reuters: “On June 9, it will release a remastered copy of “Purple Rain,” two albums of previously unreleased Prince music, and two complete concert films from the vault of the singer’s Paisley Park recording complex” (2017.) If you want to stream the music of Prince you now can.
Warner Records said in a statement that Prince’s music, including his signature album “Purple Rain,” was being released to coincide with Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Prince is to be remembered in a special tribute. Per Reuters: Sunday’s announcement covers streaming for his music through 1996.

“When we make any of Prince’s music available to fans — from the hits to unreleased gems — we are committed to upholding Prince’s high creative standards,” Cameron Strang, chief executive of Warner Bros. Records, said in Sunday’s statement.

The streaming deal was reached with the agreement of Prince’s estate and covers platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.


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