Hollywood birthdays – February 10, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Aquarius. They include essayist Charles Lamb in 1775. journalist William Allen White in 1868. Russian author Boris Pasternak in 1890. entertainer Jimmy Durante in 1893. tennis player Bill Tilden in 1893. German dramatist Bertolt Brecht in 1898. actor Judith Anderson in 1897. actor Lon Chaney Jr. in 1906. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Georges Pire in 1910. operatic soprano Leontyne Price in 1927 (age 90). actor Robert Wagner in 1930 (age 87). singer Roberta Flack in 1937 (age 80). Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Mark Spitz in 1950 (age 67). golfer Greg Norman in 1955 (age 62). television commentator and host George Stephanopoulos in 1961 (age 56). political commentator Glenn Beck in 1964 (age 53). actor Laura Dern in 1967 (age 50). actor Elizabeth Banks in 1974 (age 43). actor Emma Roberts in 1991 (age 26). actor Chloe Grace Moretz in 1997 (age 20).


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