Game Of Thrones was just mentioned in an argument between the NYSE and SIFMA

How do you know that your show has transcended pop culture? When two money empires use it as a reason to argue about higher fees. That is what happened.
“In a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission dated January 17, NYSE took aim at some of its biggest customers , and argued that the connectivity fee, which covers the costs of connecting to the NYSE data center, would not be a market data fee.

To make the point, NYSE likened the situation to having to buy a TV to watch “Game of Thrones,” saying that the cost of the TV and the cost for HBO content are separate.

“The mere fact that a User needs to have equipment and connections in place in order to be able to receive a market data feed within co-location does not convert the costs of such equipment and connections into market data fees, or convert the Previous and Current Proposals into market data filings. By way of analogy, to view ‘Game of Thrones’ one must buy a television and pay for a subscription to HBO, but that does not convert the cost of the television, or of any other necessary equipment or connection, into a fee for the HBO content” (business insider, 2017.) I don’t even know if this works but someone else replied.
“Now, SIFMA, a trade body, has responded with its own “Game of Thrones” reference. In a letter to the SEC dated February 6 , it said:

“Lord Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish would blush at the deception this analogy presents. Unlike HBO, NYSE controls the cost and terms of use for not only the market data, but also the connectivity fees, port fees, cross connect fees, and cage fees. The HBO content analogy would be akin to NYSE’s market data fees if HBO were also in a position to require the viewer to purchase from HBO the cable connection, the television, the television stand, the power cord, and the electricity, all in addition to the HBO subscription itself, and on the terms set solely by HBO.

“Further, and unlike subscribing to a television program, brokers are legally obligated to seek best execution for their customers. They are required to consider the likelihood that a trade will be executed and whether there is an opportunity to obtain a price better than what is currently quoted. There is no analogous legal requirement that television viewers subscribe to Game of Thrones” (business insider, 2017.)
I just find the HBO, and Game of Thrones references the best part about this argument. Oh and this little reminder you don’t need a tv to watch Game Of Thrones, you can use hbo go!


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