hollywood birthdays – February 6, 2017

___ Per The AP:
Today’s Birthdays: Actor Rip Torn is 86. Actress Mamie Van Doren is 86. Actor Mike Farrell is 78. Former NBC News anchorman Tom Brokaw is 77. Singer Fabian is 74. Actress Gayle Hunnicutt is 74. Actor Michael Tucker is 73. Producer-director-writer Jim Sheridan is 68. Actor Jon Walmsley is 61. Actress Kathy Najimy is 60. Rock musician Simon Phillips (Toto) is 60. Actor-director Robert Townsend is 60. Actor Barry Miller is 59. Actress Megan Gallagher is 57. Rock singer Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses) is 55. Country singer Richie McDonald is 55. Singer Rick Astley is 51. Rock musician Tim Brown (Boo Radleys) is 48. “Good Morning America” co-host Amy Robach is 44. Actor Brandon Hammond is 33. Actress Alice Greczyn (GREH’-chihn) is 31. Rhythm and blues singer/actress Tinashe is 24. ___ Per The UPI:

Those born on this date are under the sign of Aquarius. They include England’s Queen Anne in 1665. statesman Aaron Burr in 1756. Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart in 1833. baseball great George Herman Babe Ruth in 1895. former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1911. Eva Braun, mistress of Adolf Hitler, in 1912. actor Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1917, actor Patrick Macnee in 1922. actor Rip Torn in 1931. actor Mamie Van Doren in 1931 (age 86). French film director Francois Truffaut in 1932. actor Mike Farrell in 1939 (age 78). TV newsman Tom Brokaw in 1940 (age 77). handgun control activist Sarah Brady in 1942 (age 75). singer Fabian Forte in 1943 (age 74). actor Michael Tucker in 1945 (age 72). Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter Bob Marley in 1945. singer Natalie Cole in 1950. actor Kevin Whately in 1951 (age 66). actor/director Robert Townsend in 1957 (age 60). actor Kathy Najimy in 1957 (age 60). singer W. Axl Rose in 1962 (age 55). actor Alice Eve in 1982 (age 35).


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