editorial. These 2 make North Dakota seem backward and I don’t think that is the case

Two repulsive representatives from the great state of North ?DAKOTA ?thought it would be great if we were living in the 1950s and women made breakfast for their husbands then went out for a walk while he relaxes.
They were defending the state’s blue laws – which let some businesses open late or not at all on Sunday – so they decided to make their argument using ideas from the 1950s.
Representatives Bernie Satrom and Vernon Laning would fit in the 1950s where women were homebodies and men did everything outside of the home. However, it is not 1957 according to my phone – which is a smart phone – it is 2017.
Satrom said that Sundays should be devoted to “spending time with your wife, your husband…Making him breakfast, bringing it to him in bed and then after that go take your kids for a walk.
Rep. Laning also chimed in with this gem: “I don’t know about you, but my wife has no problem spending everything I earn in 6 and a half days,” he said. “And I don’t think it hurts at all to have a half day off.
Your words do insult women. Women are not the servants of men nor are they beneath men in social station. Bernie Satrom and Vernon Laning, I have an idea for you two. Why don’t you make breakfast for your wives? After all, in an ideal world we are equal and I would assume based on your classic comments the women do more than you around the home. I only say that because in 2017 they are expected to work – which is a great thing – but you two sound like you would be happy if they come home and make you a fancy meal before 6:00. You two could make them breakfast and pamper them. Women are awesome and don’t you forget it.


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