While you drink your cup of coffee – let me teach you about it

That cup of coffee is more than a jolt of goodness. You have the universe next to your laptop while you read this.
Do me a favor. Open the cup. Smell it. And again. have you ever wondered what makes the smell of coffee?
Pyrazine gives off an earthy smell, methylpropana is fruity and spicy, and methional smells like a freshly baked potato. caffeine can remind bees of what plant they polinated in the past.
Defusion occurs when you put the cream or milk in the coffee. Defusion is the same process we use when we breathe. Fyi: Oxygen diffuses from air into our bloodstream in the lungs and from capillaries into our cells.
Convection also happens when the warm coffee rises and the cold milk sinks to the boddum of the cup. That is what happens in the weather during the winter.
Even the great Einstein used something found in a cup of coffee to explain the dancing of atoms.
The particles of milk and little undissolved coffee grounds dance together thanks to Brownian motion, which is when particles bounce off on another. How do you make a great cup of java?
In order to have an accurate coffee to water ration, they say skip the teaspoon and break out a scale.
Also, the quality of water can dramatically change the flavor and suggest using bottled or filtered water instead of just tap. The temperature of the water also plays a role in your masterpiece.
Get as close to 96 degrees Celsius, (204.8 degrees Fahrenheit) but do not go over because boiling the water for too long can burn your coffee. And a burnt cup of coffee is no one’s friends.


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