size: don’t count this guy out when you look at him

A dwarf got into a fist fight and won.
One man learned the hard way that when it comes to fights, size doesn’t matter.
We don’t know what led up to the fight but we do know this happened in a parking lot.
Per the Daily Mail: “As the fight begins, the dwarf expertly ducks and avoids the man’s swings before landing a few punches of his own. He then goes right for the man’s face, catching him off guard and causing him to fall on the ground.

As the man lays by a car, the dwarf continues to punch him over and over again.

The man is able to get one punch in, but the dwarf then grabs him and expertly throws his competitor off.

They face off again, the dwarf smoothly ducking another swing and landing one last punch before the video cuts out” (2017.)


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