hollywood birthdays – January 24, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Aquarius. They include English dramatist William Congreve in 1670. Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1712. British social reformer Edwin Chadwick in 1800. author Edith Wharton in 1862. abstract painter Robert Motherwell in 1915. Hall of Fame sportscaster Jack Brickhouse in 1916. actor Ernest Borgnine in 1917. evangelist Oral Roberts in 1918. ballet dancer Maria Tallchief Paschen in 1925. musician Doug Kershaw in 1936 (age 81). musician Ray Stevens in 1939 (age 78). singer Neil Diamond in 1941 (age 76). singer Aaron Neville in 1941 (age 76). actor Sharon Tate in 1943. comedian John Belushi in 1949. actor Michael Ontkean in 1946 (age 71). singer Warren Zevon in 1947. actor Nastassja Kinski in 1961 (age 56). Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Mary Lou Retton in 1968 (age 49). actor Mischa Barton in 1986 (age 31).


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