editorial. No matter what you call it an alternative fact is the same as a falsehood

Kids watch us. This is a fact because we can see how they react to what we say, write, and do. What they saw over the weekend is a White House void of anyone who understands what the differences between a fact and a falsehood are. This is disterbing because we teach our kids that facts are important and any good essay or argument should be filled with them. That is not what Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway feel are important.
No they feel that facts can be altered to fit the story. Case in point you have Sean Spicer saying this on Saturday. This was the largest audience, ever, to witness an inauguration, period. Ok croud in terms of viewership? In terms of people there?
While that was annoying by Mr. Spicer, This annoyed
me much more.”Here is the exchange between NBC’s Chuck Todd and Conway:

Conway: “You’re saying it’s [Spicer’s statement about inauguration crowd size is] a falsehood, and Sean Spicer, our press secretary is giving alternative facts to that. Todd: “Wait a minute, alternative facts? Alternative facts – four of the five facts he uttered, the one that he got right was Zeke Miller, four of the five facts he uttered are not true. Alternative facts are not facts – they’re falsehoods. What is interesting is what the Merriam-Webster website has to add concerning the Todd-Conway exchange:

Fact (“a piece of information presented as having objective reality”) spiked dramatically on January 22nd, following an exchange between Chuck Todd and Kellyanne Conway on NBC’s Meet the Press….

A fact is a fact, a falsehood is a falsehood, an alternative fact is not a thing. Fact! Spicer on Monday had this to say about facts and honesty.
“I believe that we have to be honest with the American people, but I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts,” Spicer said Monday in the first press briefing under President Donald Trump . “Our intention is never to lie to you,” Spicer added.
If that is the case then you just lied to us now. It is easily proven that this was not the most viewed in history. Of corse a wonderful writer of our time wrote about facts thusly:
“George Orwell, author of the anti-authoritarian dystopian novel “1984,” wrote in his 1946 essay ” Politics and the English Language ” about the misuse of words by the powerful to distract citizens from objective truth:

Political language – and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind” (huffington post, 2017.)


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