EPA pick Scott Pruitt was asked a simple question about water – couldn’t answer it.

This is the guy you want running the EPA? Really?
On Wednesday Ben Cardin (D-Md.) asked Scott Pruitt if “there is any safe level of lead that can be taken into the human body. If you said no then you are smarter than this guy.
“Senator, that is something I have not reviewed nor know about,” said Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma.
“I would be very concerned about any level of lead going into the drinking water or obviously human consumption,” he continued, “but I’ve not looked at a scientific research on that.
Pruitt should go and visit a little town called Flint. They know the answer and so does everyone not named Scott Pruitt.
One of the EPA’s jobs is to make sure that water utilities keep lead levels as low as possible. A key premise of the federal regulation that utilities have to follow, and which the EPA enforces, is that no amount of lead is safe.


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