hollywood birthdays – January 17, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Capricorn. They include American statesman, scientist and author Benjamin Franklin in 1706. British statesman David Lloyd George in 1863. Mack Sennett, director of slapstick silent films, in 1880. U.S. gangster Al Capone and English novelist Nevil Shute, both in 1899. actor Betty White in 1922 (age 95). singer Eartha Kitt in 1927. beauty specialist Vidal Sassoon in 1928. actor James Earl Jones in 1931 (age 86) actor Sheree North in 1932. puppeteer Shari Lewis in 1933. talk show host Maury Povich in 1939 (age 78). Olympic gold medal-winning runner Kipchoge Keino in 1940 (age 77). heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali in 1942. comedian Andy Kaufman in 1949. former Rolling Stones member Mick Taylor in 1949 (age 68). musician Steve Earle in 1955 (age 62), comedian Steve Harvey in 1957 (age 60). comic actor Jim Carrey in 1962 (age 55). writer Sebastian Junger in 1962 (age 55). singer Kid Rock in 1971 (age 46). U.S. first lady Michelle Obama in 1964 (age 53). actor Zooey Deschanel in 1980 (age 37). pro basketball star Dwyane Wade in 1982 (age 35).


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