punk kicks a cat in the face breaking it’s jaw then walks away

A man somewhere proves that he is beyond help. This classless piece of garbage thought it would be a good idea to kick a cat in the face and break its jaw. The scariest part is that he walked away after he did this. If you look up the video (don’t) you will see this.
One of the men, wearing a bright orange tracksuit and shoes, stands over the animal before lashing out with his foot. The poor cat, named Millie, is sent flying backwards before the two casually walk away.

Millie’s owner phoned the RSPCA after she came home with injuries and a search through the CCTV revealed the unprovoked attack. She is currently being treated for a suspected broken jaw.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Burrows, who is investigating, said: ‘The video clearly shows two men walking towards Millie and then one man kicking the cat very hard, resulting in her being thrown a few feet across the ground, before walking away.

‘It is an unprovoked attack which has sadly left Millie with a suspected broken jaw. Millie, I hope you get better soon.


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