@Simone_Biles is the @ap femail athlete of the year – well deserved

In a year that has sucked for most of us we forget that the Olympics occurred.
Well, The people over at the Associated Press (ap) sure as sugar didn’t. They named Simone Biles feemail athlete of the year.
We had many fantastic women athletes this year. Simone smiled, flipped, balenced, and did things that would snap me in half on the way to being a big bottle of awesomesauce.
“Simone Biles tried to treat the 2016 Summer Olympics like just your average ordinary gymnastics meet. So what if the stage and the stakes were different?

The floor was still the floor. The vault still the vault. The uneven bars still uneven. The balance beam still a four-inch wide test of nerves.

And the 19-year-old with the electric smile and boundless talent was still the best in the world. Maybe the best of all-time” (ap, 2016.) So, does she recall her feets of awesomeness?
“It’s kind of a blur,” Biles said.
Maybe to Biles, but not to the rest of the world. Not to me either. Simone you won female athlete of the year for 2016.
“In a vote by U.S. editors and news directors announced Monday, Biles received 31 votes out of a possible 59 votes. U.S. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, who won four golds and a silver in Rio, finished second with 20 votes. Serena Williams, who won Wimbledon for the seventh time to tie Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles, and three-time NCAA women’s basketball Player of the Year Breanna Stewart tied for third with four votes each. Biles became the fifth gymnast to win the honor, joining Olga Korbut in 1972, Nadia Comaneci in 1976, Mary Lou Retton in 1984 and Gabby Douglas in 2012. It’s company Biles joined while completing a run of dominance that included three straight all-around World Championships, an unprecedented run at the top in a sport where peaks are often measured in months, not years” (ap, 2016.) Good job!


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